Incident management reporting helps ensure patient safety and protects the health and safety of staff and visitors.

As one of the largest providers of mental health services for children and youth in Alberta, CASA Mental Health is looking to streamline and automate its reporting system to improve patient safety and quality of care. To do this, CASA partnered with ExpeFlow – a cloud-based platform which streamlines the incident reporting process.

ExpeFlow is a Canadian technology provider focused on using advanced digital solutions to empower staff, enhance incident response, and improve safety and patient care while freeing up time for clinicians to focus on patient care. ExpeFlow’s intelligent workflow automation delivers increased productivity and consistency through intelligent forms, smart workflows and digital assistants.  

With the help of ExpeFlow, CASA Mental Health aims to:

  • Report and respond to incidents at a faster pace.
  • Improve the quality of care provided at its facilities.
  • Empower staff with a robust platform that enhances incident response and overall operational efficiency.
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Digital incident management reporting
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