LONDON, ON. – An innovative Canadian company, Caring Support, is connecting qualified health care workers directly with Bruyère through a commercialization project supported by the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network.

Following a CAN Health Network Call for Innovation, Caring Support’s employment platform – which celebrated its first 10,000 users last month – was chosen to help Bruyère fill crucial clinical positions that provide specialized care across its hospital campuses and long-term care homes in Ottawa.

“We’re beyond honoured and excited to have been selected for this commercialization project. It is a tremendous opportunity to get our product to the right users while helping Bruyère attract skilled candidates and meet their recruitment goals,” said entrepreneur Joseph Jongsma, CEO and founder of London-based Caring Support.

Guided by community building and quality care, Caring Support and Bruyère are bridging the gap between recruitment and personal connection by putting health care workers first in the hiring process.

“We are excited to be testing this approach to talent recruitment,” said Eliza Mystille, Manager, Recruitment and Selection at Bruyère. “Strengthening our clinical teams remains a priority for us, and this is a great opportunity for us to connect with qualified candidates and give them a glimpse into Bruyère.”

While the platform works to expedite operations for hiring teams, and ultimately streamline the process for applicants, it also offers a personalized touchpoint between Bruyère and prospective candidates. As Bruyère continues to seek clinical talent, meeting health care workers where they are impacts patients and frontline staff alike.

“Bruyère has been a Network leader in supporting home-grown businesses and adopting innovative technologies,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Chair of the CAN Health Network. “This commercialization project will create a great opportunity for Caring Support to tailor their platform to meet the direct needs of Bruyère and their shared community.”

About Caring Support:

Caring Support is an easy-to-use, responsive, and mobile-friendly job-matching platform designed for the healthcare sector by Canadian businessman Joseph Jongsma alongside a talented crew. From its inception, the platform’s goal has been to streamline the hiring process for healthcare employers while helping skillful healthcare professionals in North America find their dream jobs. The company aims to become an open hub that provides employers and workers with resources to better their organizations and further develop their careers, ultimately revolutionizing the healthcare industry. To learn more about Caring Support, visit

About CAN Health Network

The CAN Health Network is a Canada-first approach to technology adoption. It helps break down barriers to scaling in the health-care system and provides an environment for companies to scale to their full potential. Currently operating in Ontario, Western and Atlantic Canada, the CAN Health Network was recently awarded $30 million by the Government of Canada as part of Budget 2022 to expand into Quebec, the Territories and with Indigenous Communities. To learn more about the CAN Health Network, visit

About Bruyère

Bruyère is an academic health care organization training the next generation of health care leaders and using research and industry partnerships to improve care. Bruyère plays a unique role in the region’s health care system providing specialized hospital care, primary care, long-term care, and assisted and independent living for older adults while the Bruyère Research Institute focuses on finding the next generation of care for aging Canadians and vulnerable populations. To learn more about Bruyère, visit

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