The CAN Health Network is looking for Canadian innovators who are committed to working with our Edges to introduce new solutions into the health care system.

By responding to a Call for Innovation, Canadian companies have an opportunity to help our Edges solve their most pressing challenges, while testing and refining their product or solution in a real life, supportive setting.

How the Call for Innovation Works

  1. CAN Health Network posts details of a market-ready challenge our Edge is looking to solve and prepared to purchase.
  2. Canadian companies who believe their product or solution addresses the needs of the challenge can apply via our website.
  3. We evaluate the submissions based on pre-determined set-criteria and invite the top contenders to present their solution to the Edge.
  4. The Edge, with the support of a team of experts including the CAN Health Network, selects the company they believe best fits their needs.
  5. The final company is paired with the Edge to work on a commercialization project which could run from three months to a year.  During that time the company receives access to Edge staff, data, clinicians and other resources such as business intelligence and development.  The commercialization project aims to support companies with product-market fit, commercialization and readiness to scale.

Upon completion of the project, should the Edge be ready to move into the procurement or purchasing phase, there is an, open and transparent procurement process. The company is able to leverage the insights gained over the duration of the commercialization project and compete to scale their solution across Canada.  Ultimately, CAN Health Network Edges then have the ability to purchase a proven solution, tested by a trusted partner in the Network, while the company may benefit from shorter sales cycles as the procurement process is streamlined across the Network.

For more information on CAN Health Network model visit About Us.

Eligibility Requirements

To respond to a CAN Health Network Call for Innovation, Canadian companies with a viable solution to a challenge listed below must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a for profit business.
  • Incorporated in Canada. Incorporation can take place either federally or provincially.
  • Headquartered in Canada and/or is majority owned by Canadians.
  • Have already obtained all necessary regulatory approvals for commercial use of their solution, if applicable.

Open Calls for Innovation

Edge: Hamilton Health Sciences Closing Date: July 7, 2021

Hamilton Health Sciences is in search of a locking solution for CVADs that decreases incidence of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) for adult and paediatric oncology, surgical and critical care patients. Compared to the standard locking solutions (citrate, heparin and saline), this alternative should decrease the costly use of Alteplase for thrombotic occlusions. Hamilton […]

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Edge: Eastern Health Closing Date: July 5, 2021

Eastern Health is seeking a technology solution that can remove CO2 from anesthetic circuits while maintaining the safe and reliable delivery of general anesthesia and reducing environmental impact.  Eastern Health is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Atlantic-based* companies who can meet the desired outcomes. Eastern Health and CAN Health reserves the right […]

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Edge: SickKids Closing Date: July 2, 2021

SickKids is seeking a solution to leverage and enhance its current machine learning surgical scheduling model to improve surgical efficiency and throughput through a graphic user interface (GUI).  SickKids is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Ontario* companies who can meet the desired outcomes.  SickKids and CAN Health reserves the right to not […]

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Edge: Sunnybrook Closing Date: June 30, 2021

Sunnybrook is seeking a solution to improve both patient and provider experience for breast-conserving surgery localization.  The solution will address the potential for an alternative option to wired-guided localization (WGL) and radioactive seed localization (RSL) for preoperative localization of breast lesions in patients eligible for breast-conserving surgery. Sunnybrook is posting this Call for Innovation to […]

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Edge: Grand River Hospital Closing Date: June 22, 2021

Grand River Hospital (GRH) is seeking a solution of a learning platform to utilize as a tool for accreditation preparation for their staff, with the long-term goal of using the software widely throughout the institution as the primary learning tool. GRH is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Ontario* companies who can […]

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