Trillium Health Partners (THP) is seeking a solution to strengthen recruitment and retention through the collaborative augmentation of an existing digital solution. THP is looking to expand upon an existing software to develop a web-based app, establishing and fostering the development of mentorship relationships as well as providing resources. The focus is on creating robust onboarding and retention support at the point-of-care, emphasizing the diverse workforce to cater to staff needs, particularly those of equity-deserving groups. The solution aims to improve and broaden the existing supports and structures, fostering greater networking and connection to the abundance of expertise and resources available within the organization.

THP is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Canadian companies who can meet the desired outcomes. THP and CAN Health reserves the right to not move forward with this project at its full discretion and in particular if there are no qualified Canadian companies that can reasonably meet the desired outcomes.

To qualify for a CAN Health project, the company must have its headquarter in Canada and/or the majority (>50%) of the company owned by Canadians and/or significant economic impact to Canada including a high Canadian job creation potential, >70% of contract value to Canada (for distributors of a non-Canadian solution), independent autonomy over business operations and product development (for subsidiaries, affiliates or distributors), current presence (office(s) and client(s)) and can benefit from the CAN Health Network. Priority will be given to companies that meet all eligibility criteria.

For more information on the Call for Innovation process and the commercialization projects funded by CAN Health Network, please refer to the FAQ page on the CAN Health Network website:

This opportunity is closed.
Problem Statement and Objective(s)

Problem Statement: THP faces challenges in recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals, particularly early-career new hires, necessitating the development of a web-based app to enhance mentorship, provide resources, and strengthen support.

Objective: The objective of this solution is to implement a digital web-based app to enhance the confidence and improve retention of novice clinicians, provide increased networking opportunities, and ensure accessibility to clinical educators after hours.

Desired outcomes and considerations

Essential (mandatory) outcomes
The proposed solution must:

  • Web-based (cloud) or potential for web-based
  • Mentorship networking and matching (80%)
  • iPhone iOS integration
  • Chat features (i.e. after hours experts access)
  • Ability to link to Intranet resources (secure http)
  • Evaluation data (usability data of App)
  • Privacy and security features

Additional outcomes:

  • Push communications
  • Access to additional educational resources
  • Telecommunication (VOIP)/ video conferencing integration
  • Link out to email
  • Ability to integrate data from another source like csv. (i.e. for profiles of users)

The maximum duration for a project resulting from this Challenge is: 18 months

Background and context

The challenges in health human resources have intensified due to the COVID-19 pandemic, posing recruitment difficulties for hospitals and healthcare agencies in a highly competitive job market. THP, like other organizations, possesses an exceptional preceptorship and mentorship model, along with Professional Practice support at the point-of-care. 50% of THP’s new hires are within 1-5 years of graduation. THP is also one of Canada’s largest academically affiliated hospitals serving a diverse community.

This proposed solution seeks to enhance and expand upon these established supports and structures, facilitating increased networking and connection to the wealth of expertise and resources within the organization.

Below is a visualized sample flow of the mentorship app:

This opportunity is closed.