Dr. Dante Morra

Founder & Chair

Gary Ryan

Executive Lead

Nella Brodett

Head of Integrated Markets, Company Support and Partnerships

Fiona Taylor

Director, Enterprise Services

Cailin Rodgers

Director, Public Affairs and Network Development

An John Nguyen

Director, Strategic Insights and Company Support

Leela D’Cruz

Manager, Strategy and Governance

Jennifer Coulman

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Dean Mayke

Senior Vice President, Channel Partners

Elliott-Marc Shamy

Senior Advisor, Contracts and Network Development

Xiao Zheng

Company Support Lead

Natasha Zelinski

Senior Advisor, Marketing & Communications

Claudia Enderlein

Senior Partner Development Associate

Bonnie Chiu

Partner Operations Specialist

Liam Langton

National Coordinator

Elaine Lindsay

Executive Assistant

Naveed Ahmad


John Vail

Director, Operations

Franklyn Baux

Senior Project Manager, Operations

Lindsay Wray

Project Manager, Operations

Joëlle Lavoie

Director, Commercialization Operations, Quebec

Rhoda Yakubowski

Director, Operations

Brittany Kugler

Project Manager, Operations

Nicole Vandenborre

Director, Operations

Dale Vandenborre

Lead Innovation Strategist

Dylan Mitchell

Project Manager, Operations

Governance & Board

Dr. Dante Morra

Founder & Chair

Dr. Deepak Kaura

Vice Chair & Advisor

Gary Ryan

Executive Lead

Jennifer Shiels

Board Member