Covenant Living is seeking a solution that can serve as a resident locating system and a nursing call bell that can integrate several features into one to provide maximum utility and ease of use for all stakeholders.

Covenant Living is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Canadian companies that can meet the desired outcomes. The Edge member and CAN Health reserve the right not to move forward with this project at their full discretion, in particular, if there are no qualified Canadian companies that can reasonably meet the desired outcomes.

To qualify for a CAN Health project, the company must have its headquarter in Canada and/or the majority (>50%) of the company owned by Canadians and/or significant economic impact to Canada including a high Canadian job creation potential, >70% of contract value to Canada (for distributors of a non-Canadian solution), independent autonomy over business operations and product development (for subsidiaries, affiliates or distributors), current presence (office(s) and client(s)) and can benefit from the CAN Health Network. Priority will be given to companies that meet all eligibility criteria.

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This opportunity is closed.
Problem Statement and Objective(s)

Problem Statement:

The current nurse call bell system within Covenant Living, Martha’s House is outdated. The system lacks accurate location tracking and fall monitoring, and it is at the end of its life. This results in delayed response times, compromising resident safety.


Covenant Living is seeking to improve its call bell system to enable accurate resident location, provide fall monitoring, and receive real-time alerts.  The nursing call bell system should be improved to have automatic alerts based on geo-fenced locations rather than requiring a resident to pull a cord.  The solution must also be easy to install and have several other benefits for residents, staff, and the home.  Upgrading these systems is imperative to alleviate staff strain, ensure timely response by staff, and enhance overall resident safety.

Desired outcomes and considerations

Essential (mandatory) outcomes

The proposed solution must:

  • Provide earlier and more accurate alerts than the current technology used, which does not provide accurate location data on residents.
  • Ability to be notified when at-risk residents leave their dedicated area(s) or sustain a fall (among other examples).
  • Shared alerts and responsibility – allowing both staff and residents to activate an alert.
  • Upgraded wearable technology for residents and staff.
  • One system that provides all required features (resident locating, fall monitoring, nurse call system)
  • Improve resident care through enhanced, real-time monitoring, leading to timely interventions.
  • Streamlined and accurate reporting system to simplify the process of contract tracing (among other examples).


Background and context

At Covenant Living, our goal is to enhance the residents’ experience by addressing their unmet needs, focusing on personalization and connection to support all aspects of body, mind and soul for our residents.

In our mission to improve resident care, Covenant Living is looking to improve current technology systems and is looking for a solution that can serve as a resident locating system and a nurse call system that can integrate several features into one to provide maximum utility and ease of use for all stakeholders.

  • Resident Locating

Keeping our residents safe is a significant priority for Covenant Living, requiring active risk management. When a resident leaves their suite or building and is declared missing, a code yellow may be alerted, activating staff resources to locate the resident. Having a resident go missing –

  • negatively impacts the safety and well-being of the resident,
  • impacts staff who spend time searching for the resident and,
  • time-consuming and expensive to manage. This is in addition to perception and reputational concerns if a resident were ever to become injured.


  • Fall Monitoring

Accurate resident locating is a priority for Covenant Living, foremost because seniors are at high risk of falling; being able to identify a resident’s specific location promptly is of critical importance.  Having the ability to receive automated alerts in real-time through a locating system integrated into the emergency call system would reduce response times and improve resident safety and outcomes.  Covenant Living’s emergency call system at Martha’s House is at the end of its life.

  • Nursing Call Bell System

The conventional nursing call bell requires hard wiring throughout the walls of a facility and is typically only available in fixed locations (i.e. 1 in bed and 1 in bathroom).  We are looking for a nursing call bell system that residents can use wherever they are.  The system can send customizable automatic alerts based on geo-fenced locations rather than requiring a resident to pull a cord.  It will be easy to install and will have several other benefits for residents, staff, and the site. Our current call bell system is at the end of its life and does not have automatic alerts.

Covenant Living staff are looking for technology that responds to these challenges.

This opportunity is closed.