Covenant Health is seeking to implement a technological and dynamic staff recognition platform that allows them to increase recognition and reward loyalty, service, and behaviours that align with their Mission-Inspired Culture and Values.

Covenant Health is posting this Call for Innovation to seek out qualified Canadian companies who can meet the desired outcomes. Covenant Health and CAN Health reserve the right to not move forward with this project at its full discretion and in particular if there are no qualified Canadian companies that can reasonably meet the desired outcomes.

To qualify for a CAN Health project, the company must have its headquarters in Canada and/or the majority (>50%) of the company owned by Canadians and/or significant economic impact to Canada including a high Canadian job creation potential, >70% of contract value to Canada (for distributors of a non-Canadian solution), independent autonomy over business operations and product development (for subsidiaries, affiliates or distributors), current presence (office(s) and client(s)) and can benefit from the CAN Health Network. Priority will be given to companies that meet all eligibility criteria.

For more information on the Call for Innovation process and the commercialization projects funded by CAN Health Network, please refer to the FAQ page on the CAN Health Network website:

This opportunity is closed.
Problem Statement and Objective(s)

Problem Statement: The Canadian healthcare industry has a distressed workforce due to stagnated wages, workforce shortages, increased demand, and burnout. This has led to increasing turnover, costs to healthcare organizations, and deteriorating patient outcomes.

Objectives: Covenant Health is looking to retain and engage talent through the deployment of a staff recognition platform which would allow various stakeholders to assign “points” to different staff to recognize them for their consistent hard work and contribution. The points could then be used to purchase desired items from an online store and have them shipped directly to their homes.


Desired outcomes and considerations

Essential (mandatory) outcomes
The proposed solution must:

  1. Strengthen retention and engagement of talented employees, physicians, and volunteers by meaningfully recognizing the work they do, for living our values, for encouraging innovation and learning, for their dedicated service over time and willingness to take on hard-to-fill shifts and/or successfully refer others to take on critical roles.
  2. Facilitate talent acquisition by creating a healthy and supportive work environment where people are regularly encouraged and supported to do their best work for those we serve.
  3.  Facilitate better patient and resident outcomes by encouraging behaviours that facilitate the delivery of consistent, high-quality care and service to those we serve.
  4. Enable good stewardship of public resources, including time, talent, and treasure, with respect to support processes, maintenance and financial investments required over time.

The maximum duration for a project resulting from this Challenge is: 9 months

Background and context

Covenant Health is a Catholic healthcare provider within Alberta’s integrated health system. They offer a broad range of acute and continuing care services through 17 sites in 12 communities across the province. Covenant Health has approximately 12,850 employees, 900 primary physicians and 500 volunteers across all sites.

Similar to Health Care organizations across Canada, they are experiencing workforce shortages, mental health challenges and large-scale demographic shifts that are making it exceedingly difficult to attract, retain and engage talented, mission inspired people to deliver high quality care and service. Research demonstrates that effective recognition is key to health care practitioners feeling seen, heard, and valued and creating a sustainable workforce for the future. Effective recognition is particularly difficult for health care providers that are public or non-profit organizations, with a mix of unionized, non-unionized and contract employees and where lavish spending on recognition items is not feasible.

This opportunity is closed.