Edges are public or private health-care organizations, such as hospitals, home care organizations, health authorities, and private clinics, with shared challenges. Together, these entities make up the purchasing arm of the CAN Health Network’s Integrated Marketplace.

We use the term Edge as CAN Health works directly with the most innovative parts of the health-care providers in our network—who are typically on the leading “edge” of the health-care innovation landscape in Canada. Edges are committed to being early adopters of innovative Canadian health-care solutions.

The term “Host Edge” refers to the Edge whose problem statement is the subject of a CAN Health commercialization project. The Edge then “hosts” this selected company and their solution throughout the project’s lifecycle.

“Lead Edge” refers to the Edge that is responsible for the Network and its administration in a given CAN Health Region.

  • Trillium Health Partners (THP) – Lead Edge for the Ontario Region
  • Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) – Lead Edge for the West Region
  • Horizon Health Network (Horizon) – Lead Edge for the Atlantic Region