CAN Health Network expands to enhance care for residents and operators across Canada

November 29, 2023 (Ottawa, ON) — Today, the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network, a leading national initiative focused on accelerating Canadian innovation in health care, announced the launch of its Long-Term Care Innovation and Scaling Network. This new network, led by Ottawa-based Bruyère, is designed to enhance the quality of life for long-term care (LTC) residents and operators, by introducing innovative, Canadian-made technology solutions to address LTC’s most pressing challenges.

The CAN Health Network is a federally funded organization that works directly with the country’s leading health care operators (referred to as Edges) to identify their biggest challenges and match them with Canadian-made technology solutions. It provides Canadian companies with access to real health care environments where they can implement their market-ready solutions, gain valuable feedback from end-users, and scale across the Network and beyond.

Bruyère, a founding Edge in the CAN Health Network, is a large health care employer providing specialized hospital and long-term care in Ottawa. Bruyère will lead the CAN Health LTC Innovation and Scaling Network, bringing proven Canadian technology solutions to the more than 2,000 LTC homes in Canada. Canadian companies working with the CAN Health Network will now be able to bring their solutions faster into long-term care homes that need them most.

The global pandemic highlighted several challenges facing the health care sector, including in long-term care: from staffing shortages, infection control, and PPE, to funding constraints and rising acuity of residents.

“The Can Health Network, by creating connections between Canadian Companies with proven solutions and Canadian LTC homes, enables us to play an important role in addressing the challenges facing long-term care,” said Guy Chartrand, President, and CEO, Bruyère. “This partnership has significant potential to enhance the care experience for the more than 200,000 Canadians that call LTC home and their loved ones.”

“The launch of the long-term care network is a major milestone for the CAN Health Network, and further builds momentum for Canada to lead the new health care economy,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Chair, CAN Health Network. “Through this partnership with Bruyère, one of our leading Edges, we will introduce top Canadian solutions to LTC to address some of its most pressing challenges and support Canadian companies by helping them scale these solutions across the country.”

The CAN Health Network is powered by its Edges – 31 leading health care organizations across the country. Since its inception in 2019, the CAN Health Network has completed 54 commercialization projects, with 48 innovative Canadian companies. “We are proud to work with the country’s leading health care providers, that include long-term care homes and home care,” said Dr. Morra. “As these Edges run commercialization projects with top technology solutions, that success can now be shared and scaled across the long-term care network.”

The CAN Health Network recently welcomed the Yukon Hospital Corporation as its latest Edge, which will bring cutting-edge health technology to the Yukon, and improve access to care for remote communities.

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About CAN Health Network:

The CAN Health Network is a federally funded national organization working to introduce more Canadian innovation into Canada’s health care system. The Network works with Canadian health care operators, referred to as Edges, to identify their biggest challenges and match them with Canadian-made technology solutions. By partnering Canadian companies directly with health care operators, CAN Health enables these companies and their solutions to be rapidly validated, procured, and scaled across the Network. To learn more about the CAN Health Network, visit

About Bruyère:

Bruyère is an academic healthcare organization training the next generation of healthcare leaders and using research and industry partnerships to improve care. Bruyère plays a unique role in the region’s healthcare system providing specialized hospital care, primary care, long-term care and assisted and independent living for older adults, while the Bruyère Research Institute focuses on finding the next generation of care for aging Canadians and vulnerable populations. To learn more about Bruyère, visit

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