Like a majority of hospitals across the country, Kitchener Ontario-based St. Mary’s General Hospital (St. Mary’s) is experiencing human resourcing issues that are impacting its staffing and overall organizational operations.

On a mission to improve its organizational and operational efficiencies so that it can provide the best care possible to patients and staff, St. Mary’s is teaming up with BookJane, an award-winning, cloud-based staff mobilization, optimization and communication technology platform. Specifically, St. Mary’s will be utilizing BookJane’s Shift Callout solution, an automated shift fulfillment platform that enables health care organizations to instantly connect with available staff, prioritize staff with criteria-based callout, send and receive automatic push notifications via a mobile app, prioritize shifts with configurable lead times, and retain full visibility over callout activity.

By replacing its manual telephone-based shift replacement model with the Shift Callout solution, St. Mary’s is aiming to:

  • Fully automate the shift filling process
  • Reduce the amount of time staff spend filling shifts
  • Reduce the number of unfilled shifts
  • Reduce the percentage of overtime shifts
  • Send and receive data between the payroll/scheduling workforce management system
  • Comply with collective agreement requirements

St. Mary’s will be implementing the solution across three inpatient units.

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