Every few years, health care organizations must participate in an external review process, typically a survey, which demonstrates whether or not they are meeting the standards and regulations set by an external accreditation organization. Preparing for accreditation is a time-consuming process that requires an abundance of resources.  In addition, retention of the knowledge gained during accreditation preparation can also be a challenge. 

Looking to make this process more engaging and efficient for staff, Grand River Hospital (GRH) partnered with Waterloo-based Axonify to implement their advanced learning solution. 

Axonify’straining platform is designed to fit seamlessly into the workflow of busy frontline employees.  It provides quick bursts of training that are wrapped in gamification, takes only 3-5 minutes a day, and are uniquely tailored to each team member, based on their position and existing knowledge.

By adopting this solution, GRH is aiming to ensure everyday readiness for future accreditation requirements so that the hospital community can best serve patients and their families, while helping to reduce overall resource expenditure.

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