Employee recruitment and retention is a major challenge impacting health care organizations across the country, especially in the home care industry.

As one of the largest health care organizations in Canada, SE Health is seeing a growing demand for care and service. To help ensure that everyone in all roles of the organization feel appreciated and supported, SE Health partnered with Caribou Healthcare Technologies (Caribou) – a Toronto-based company on a mission to end the caregiver shortage.

Together, SE Health and Caribou launched SE Rewards – a first-of-its-kind digital rewards program designed to recognize and reward staff for going above and beyond every day.

Through this project, SE Health and Caribou have:

  • Improved staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Created efficiencies in recognizing and rewarding staff behaviours and performance
  • Increased the number and quality of staff referrals, and
  • Enhanced leadership experience
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Staff Recognition and Rewards
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