X-ray is the most common diagnostic imaging tool and is often needed for critical care at the bedside. However, portable x-rays can be associated with poor readability and are sometimes unable to differentiate between soft tissues and bone.

Grand River Hospital performs more than 150 bedside chest x-rays each month in the intensive care unit (ICU) alone. Looking to advance its existing x-ray technology, Grand River Hospital is adding a device that is designed to produce higher-contrast images for improved patient monitoring and faster, more accurate diagnosis to its ICU.

The Reveal™ 35C created by KA Imaging, is a single-exposure, portable, digital dual-energy subtraction X-ray detector. The technology produces a regular image and two extra images that separate and classify soft tissue and bones with greater contrast making it easier to read. It uses the same technique and radiation dose as a traditional x-ray but creates three different images without blurring or streaking due to patient movement.

By integrating the Reveal 35C into the ICU, The Grand River Hospital is aiming to:

• Improve workflow at the bedside
• Improve patient outcomes
• Produce superior image quality results and readability of chest X-rays
• Reduce the need for additional images and impact to CT waitlist

KA Imaging’s Reveal™ 35C has been installed on one of Grand River Hospital’s portable x-ray machines and will help clinicians validate patient tube and line placements, as well as monitor the health of patients to prevent respiratory conditions.

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