February 29, 2024 (Oakville, ON) – The Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network is pleased to announce its partnership with Welbi – an Ottawa-based company working to improve the quality of life for seniors through its recreation management platform built for senior living communities.

Residents in senior living communities such as long-term care, nursing, and retirement homes, are at a greater risk for social isolation and loneliness. One of the ways to encourage interaction and combat isolation is through activities and recreational programming. Despite the great efforts of life enrichment professionals to create wonderful experiences, there is often a lot of administrative work that takes them away from their residents and keeps them in the office.

Founded in 2016, Welbi was built to empower life enrichment professionals by digitizing and modernizing recreation programming. From calendar planning to insights, analytics and assessments, Welbi streamlines operations so that staff can spend less time behind computer screens, and more time with residents delivering person-centered care. A unique feature of the software is that it matches and groups residents together based on interests and ensures residents get personalized programing that meets their needs. Additionally, Welbi syncs with electronic health records (EHR), to reduce documentation time for staff.

With Welbi, staff have saved up to 25 hours of work per month. That’s time spent connecting with residents and creating an impactful and valuable community experience.

“Welbi’s software helps care teams spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time directly impacting resident care,” said Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau, Co-Founder and CEO, Welbi. “Engaging, person-centred care can help older adults in community care environments live more fulfilling and engaging lives. Research shows active seniors even live longer.”

Through its partnership with CAN Health, Welbi will have the opportunity to work directly with some of Canada’s leading health care organizations and increase the potential to scale its solution across the Network and beyond.

“The CAN Health Network is excited to partner with Welbi,” said Dante Morra, Founder, CAN Health Network. “Canada’s senior population is growing rapidly. It’s vital that we look to Canadian-made solutions to support this change and to have a meaningful impact on senior living communities.”

For more information on Welbi, visit https://www.welbi.co/

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