1. Edges identify problem statements and pressing issues within their organizations that they are actively pursuing a solution for, and are looking to procure.
  2. The CAN Health team works with the Edge to formalize the problem statement, highlighting the details of the market-ready challenge the Edge is looking to solve and prepared to purchase, as well as the solution’s desired outcome(s).
  3. This problem statement becomes the “Call for Innovation” (CFI), posted to the CAN Health website for a period of 21 days, during which all Canadian companies who believe their product addresses the needs of the posted challenge are welcomed to apply.
  4. Applicant companies are then graded on their solution by the host Edge and the CAN Health team, and one final company is selected to proceed with the project and work together with the host Edge – this initiates a CAN Health commercialization project.

One of CAN Health’s key differentiators is that all projects are expected to end in a procurement process, led by the host Edge, upon their conclusion, with budgets pre-allocated prior to project launch. Additionally, at project close, other CAN Health Edges have the ability to purchase what is now a proven solution, tested by a trusted partner in the Network.