June 27, 2024 (Oakville, ON)– The Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network is pleased to announce its partnership with Gotcare, a Canada-wide company bringing local, personalized care to the home.

Founded in 2018, Gotcare’s technology improves time to care. Using Gotcare’s AI-enabled triage and health monitoring tools, this model of care is designed to keep clients at home for as long as possible, whether they live in urban or rural settings.

Gotcare’s technology matches clients with a care worker who is not only knowledgeable about their unique needs, but lives within their community. Gotcare’s technology and AI tools notify care workers of significant health changes in real time to support proactive health care planning and intervention.

Using a personal monitoring device, clients receive daily reminders about their own care that may include information about a virtual medical appointment, wellness check, exercise support, nutrition or medication. This means that clients can take control of their own care virtually, while still having access to in-person care workers.

Clients can remain independent longer, delaying the need for long-term care facility visits. The technology enhances the client’s comfort and independence while freeing up space in busy long-term care facilities. The Gotcare model also prevents unnecessary visits to hospitals, which are already overburdened and often far from rural communities.

By reducing the amount of manual administrative work for care workers, this technology also supports health care workers through improved care continuity, reduced stress and more time to spend with clients.

Through its partnership with the CAN Health Network, Gotcare is running a commercialization project with Covenant Living to implement a Digital Enhanced Care Platform. This tool is designed to help Resident Attendants improve resident care and experience by addressing their unmet needs at the Evanston Summit retirement living site. The platform will streamline processes for Covenant Living staff members to ensure timely, personalized and efficient care by modernizing the current paper-based system. Gotcare’s platform will provide custom care plans for each resident, fall incident reporting, track routine care services, and prompt escalations when necessary. Residents can also use the platform to stay connected with loved ones, become notified of activities taking place in the residence, and track how they feel day to day. This allows Covenant Living to support its residents to feel empowered and safe while aging in place.

Learn more about Gotcare here: gotcare.ca.

Learn more about Covenant Living here: covenantliving.ca

Learn more about the CAN Health Network here: canhealthnetwork.ca

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