March 22, 2024 (Oakville, ON) – The Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network is excited to announce its partnership with Myant Health Inc., a leader in textile computing technology that incorporates health sensors directly into everyday clothing.

Health care providers across the country use remote patient monitoring to help manage a range of health conditions, including cardiovascular disease. But there are challenges posed by the traditional methods used, and by the growing demand for this form of monitoring. Wearable devices like Holter monitors can be cumbersome, costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive, often relying on patients to physically visit a hospital cardiology department where a specialized technician prepares the skin for precise electrode attachment.

To help address these challenges, Myant created wearable technology that monitors heart health, and can be shipped directly to a patient’s home. The products feature a comfortable smart textile interface called Skiin™, which is easy for a patient to put on without having to return to the hospital. These bio-sensing garments offer patients cardiac testing and monitoring through washable smart clothing that uses dry-electrodes directly woven into the fabric to record their ECG signal, heart rate, body temperature, and more.

“We are excited to partner with the CAN Health network to scale the Myant Health connected care platform and our Skiin continuous monitoring undergarments,” said Tony Chahine, Founder and CEO, Myant. “Myant Health has been built on the principle of delivering better outcomes by bringing families, healthcare providers, and patients closer together through technology and continuous proactive care. Partnering with CAN Health and their Edge network will allow us to accelerate the impact we can have on patients and the healthcare system across Canada.”

Myant’s garments enable patients to monitor their health from home, and easily communicate with their doctor remotely. Using Myant Health’s connected care platform on the patient’s phone, data is securely sent to the Myant cloud, where it can be analyzed by a health care professional.

Through its partnership with the CAN Health Network, Myant will have the opportunity to work directly with some of Canada’s leading health care organizations and increase the potential to scale its solution across the Network and beyond.

“We are thrilled to welcome Myant to the Network,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Founder and Chair, CAN Health Network. “This ground-breaking technology has the power to transform the way that care is delivered and make it accessible for everyone. We are excited to support the growth of this Canadian solution.”

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About Myant Health

Founded in 2010, Myant was built to establish a new standard for how people monitor their key biometric data and connect to the world around them. Over the following 12 years the Myant team developed their innovative and patented Skiin Textile computing continuous monitoring undergarments and the Myant Health platform. Myant Health was established in 2022 as the commercial division tasked with bringing this cutting-edge remote patient monitoring solution to market. Their initial focus is on providing the world’s best outpatient cardiac monitoring solution – by creating the most-user friendly monitor, that can be worn everyday and fits seamlessly into patients’ lives. And by creating a service that provides continuous, uninterrupted recording with accurate data unseen in the industry.

About CAN Health Network

The CAN Health Network is a federally funded national organization working to introduce more Canadian innovation into Canada’s health system. The Network works with leading Canadian health care providers – referred to as Edges – to scale Canadian technology companies across Canada and beyond. By partnering Canadian companies directly with health care operators, CAN Health enables these companies and their solutions to be rapidly validated, procured and scaled across the Network.

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