Trillium Health Partners (THP) identified that patients are sometimes confused, overwhelmed and unsure about the surgical process from pre-op to post-op which often leads to feelings of anxiety throughout their surgical journey. In partnership with SeamlessMD, THP has improved the care outcome and experience as patients prepare for, undergo and recover from surgery. Together, THP and SeamlessMD designed a multi-language capable, virtual patient and caregiver educational portal. This portal provides increased access to information that empowers patients with knowledge at all phases of their surgical journey.

SeamlessMD is an all-in-one platform for patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, it virtually guides patients before, during and after hospitalization. It provides patients with interactive care plans including reminders, to-do-lists, videos and evidence-based education tools. The platform also uses alerts and dashboards to monitor patients which allows medical professional staff to intervene sooner for patients at-risk. 

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