SE Health’s current process for scheduling frontline staff are manual, paper- based and inefficient, resulting in a number of challenges and inefficiencies including high operational costs, under-utilization of existing staff and staff shortages. These challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic to an unprecedented level. In addition, the organization has had to rely on costly staffing agencies to bridge the labour demand gap. 

To improve this process, SE Health partnered with BookJane, an award-winning cloud-based human capital management solution that works with over 700 patient and resident care facilities across North America to efficiently manage their internal and external workforces so they can optimize staff fulfillment and have more focus to deliver the very best patient care possible.

Through this project, BookJane will help support SE Health’s efforts in automating and enhancing its current scheduling processes, improve efficiency, increase staff utilization and reduce its reliance on staffing agencies.

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