CAN Health Network has partnered with Mohawk Medbuy Corporation (MMC) to bring their industry-leading Innovation Program to Network members. Through this partnership, health care operators, known as Edges in the Network, will be able to introduce new, innovative products and services that will improve patient care and protect patients and health care workers faster than ever before.

The MMC Innovation Program serves as a launch pad for companies in the health care sector. Companies whose products or services meet the program criteria establish a pricing agreement with MMC. This gives health care operators greater access to new and unique solutions without having to go through a rigorous internal procurement process. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, CAN Health Network Edges will have access to the novel products and services listed in the program.

In addition, all members of the CAN Health Network will be able to refer suitable Canadian companies to the Mohawk Medbuy Innovation Program. This will give more Canadian companies the opportunity to generate sales quickly and increase their revenue.

“Our goal has always been to see Canadian companies succeed and to provide our Edges with the best in Canadian technology. Together with MMC, we are making it easier than ever for companies to access the health care market and providing yet another opportunity for Edges to procure innovative Canadian solutions with low risk and cost,” said Dr. Dante Morra, Chair, CAN Health Network.

“Innovation is at the core of our brand and a driving force behind our success,” said Marc Lemaire, MMC’s Chief Procurement Officer and VP, Strategic Sourcing & Clinical Services. “We’re deeply committed to helping facilitate the adoption of innovative products, services and technologies in health care. This alliance with CAN Health allows us to further that goal and support Canadian companies whose offerings can improve the delivery of patient care. That helps drive domestic job creation and the economy.”

Interested companies can find details about the MMC Innovation Program on the Mohawk Medbuy website.

CAN Health Network Edges can find partnership details and a list of current Innovation Program companies on the CAN Health Network website.


Mohawk Medbuy is a national, not-for-profit, shared services organization that supports hundreds of hospitals and non-acute care providers in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, Manitoba and the Yukon. MMC provides efficient, cost-effective procurement of medical/surgical supplies, pharmaceutical products, capital equipment and food/nutrition solutions, as well as warehousing and logistics, accounts payable and linen services. The Burlington-based organization also has offices in London and Brantford and a linen facility in Hamilton.

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