Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs), or catheters, are regularly used to administer lifesaving treatments in the ICU. These lifelines, however, can result in health complications for patients, such as catheter infections and occlusions.

As the largest health authority in British Columbia, Fraser Health is targeting the improvement of clinical outcomes and the reduction of health complications associated with venous catheters among its ICU patients.

SterileCare’s product, KiteLock™ 4%, is the newest and most advanced product for keeping venous catheters clean and free of clots and bacteria, which

  • Réduire les infections
  • Reduce the frequency of replacing venous catheters and,
  • Réduire la nécessité de prendre des médicaments anticoagulants

By allowing health-care professionals to more confidently use central venous catheters, KiteLock™ presents a simple but effective solution to improve quality of care and result in cost-savings.

Working with SterileCare, Fraser Health is actively evaluating the efficacy of the solution by monitoring its cases of infections and occlusions, as well as costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of catheter-related complications.

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